Legislative TOur


We are so very grateful for all of our sponsors, hosts, and visiting legislators for helping us make this a productive experience for everyone.

Our Board of Directors are heartened to see this group being so attentive and inquisitive throughout our journey through the RGV.

The purpose of this tour is to engage our local communities and supporters in a direct conversation with our policy makers. Stay connected here for additional media coverage.

Thank you,
Sergio Contreras, CEO & President - RGV Partnership

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A Big Stage for Big Ideas

RGV Partnership brings influencers, thinkers and policymakers together in an independent forum to advance prosperity in our Valley, Texas and beyond. The Partnership makes big things happen. Our mission of regional cooperation speaks to vision, openness to new ideas and bold action.

The Power of THE RGV Partnership

Members unite with a diverse and distinguished roster of leaders drawn from four counties under a common purpose; continue to advance prosperity those who live and work in the Rio Grande Valley with "one mission, one voice."

As an independent and neutral body, the Partnership frees participants to explore big ideas. As an institution, the Partnership serves as a big stage for these big ideas to be heard, discussed and set into motion.

Members collaborate with like-minded business leaders to positively influence issues affecting the regional economy. The Partnership hosts community events and sponsors scholarship and mentoring for the next generation of community leaders.

RGV Partnership has a proud history of driving cooperation, innovation and fresh thinking.


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Thanks to those who've chosen to think big.


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